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Ultimate Pleasure of 69 Sex Position

69 Sex Position Escort in Chennai gives ultimate satisfaction for the couples.In the intimate world of sex there are hundreds of positions to pleasure the man and the women. Most of the time either one person receives more pleasure and the other. And the other person receives a little less pleasure while performing. Here comes the most pleasurable and exiting position for couple, where both of them reach climax mutually and equally satisfied than any other sex position we ever had. It is said that the name 69 sex position Escort in Chennai was named after the number 6 and 9 as the heads go on opposite directions of both the sex partners. It also easily understood when we can imagine the number 69 to a couple in their private space going beyond the limits of happiness and oneness.

The 69 sex Position Escort in Chennai is the most talked and the fantasised position by every man. This position satisfies the women and the men simultaneously as the men’s penis is in the woman’s mouth and her vagina is licked by him. This intensifies the pleasure for the giver and the receiver, this intricate sex position and take relationships to next level and make them aroused and keep exploring more.

This position can bring the couple closer than ever and make them explore more in the intimate world of pleasures. Like other sexual positions you can find your own variations in it, during the early stages of practising it either one of the partner may feel little uncomfortable near your back. During that time, you can always wedge your back with a pillow and make it cushioning and smooth for your interaction.

Feel the Heaven on Earth

With enough practise you can master the 69 sex position Escort in Chennai and enjoy the mutual pleasures of it for both of you. Some of the minor drawbacks of this position can be if the couple are of various height differences. The 69 sex position Escort in Chennai works best if the couple are in the same height, a little variation in height will not be a problem to enjoy this pleasurable sexy position.

Few variations of the 69 sex position Escort in Chennai can be done by:

  • Standing – where the men holds the women upside down and do the job.
  • Side by side on the bed.
  • Men down and women up on the bed.
  • Women up and men down on the bed and the possibilities go on and on based on your imaginations.

69 sex position Escort in Chennai  is said to be the most comfortable if the men is on the top, as it can be equal to a blow job for the men and she can fell his tongue doing kinky magic in her pussy. The best part of the 69 sex position Escort in Chennai  can be when both the couple cum together and finish in each other at the same time. This positions are also told to bring your women closer to you emotionally and physically when done often. As this position is based on oneness in understanding and help both the partners enjoy equally, this can be on the best sexual positions in mankind.

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